Books: Field Work: Photographs from East Anglia


Field Work - Limited Edition Book 

For ten years Justin Partyka photographed throughout the East Anglian counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, exploring a world of rabbit catchers, reed cutters, and the region’s small-scale agrarian farmers. He calls them “the forgotten people of the flatlands,” who have an intimate relationship with the landscape that surrounds them. It is a way of life that is deeply rooted to the past and its traditional methods and knowledge. These photographs tell the story of these farmers and the fields they work, and clearly illustrate Partyka’s dedicated immersion into their world. His painterly use of colour and the unique qualities of the East Anglian light beautifully captures this timeless way of rural life. 

Field Work: Photographs from East Anglia is published in a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered books. Each book comes with a specially embossed slipcase and a 10 x 12 inch c-type print, and is presented in a letterpress labeled box.  

Dimensions: 296mm x 226mm - cloth cover with foil printing. 

Content: 112 pages - 63 colour photographs with an introduction by Justin Partyka 

Launch Date: 1st October 2011