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Justin Partyka is from the flatlands of rural Norfolk in the East Anglia region of the UK. He has been a photographer for over twenty years. During this time he has created an extensive archive of thousands of photographs, going back to the mid 1990s, all made on colour film. Justin continues to work exclusively with 35mm film.  

Justin first received recognition for his longterm project depicting the rural life and landscape of his native region of East Anglia. Photographing there for many years he made pictures that reveal an original and deeply personal understanding of the land and culture of the place he comes from. Photographs from this work have been exhibited widely including at Tate Britain (London), the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (Norwich), the Boutographies photo festival (Montpellier). Justin's work in East Anglia developed into multilpe series of photographs. Much of this work is still unseen and is currently being edited for future exhibitions and publications.  

More recently Justin has been photographing another region, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France where he is immersed in a new long term project. Justin has also worked on other major projects in Saskatchewan, Canada, and in Cadiz, Spain. 

Justin is available for commissions of all kinds and photographs from his archive are available for editorial and commercial use. His limited edition fine art prints are in the homes of many private collectors.  

For many years Justin has taught workshops and mentored committed photographers. He also presents slide shows of his work.  

Justin’s clients include:  

Granta, Granta Sweden, the Guardian magazine, The Drawbridge, Random Spectacular, Places Journal, Caught by the River, Full Circle Editions, Source magazine, Museum of English Rural Life, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Norfolk Broads Authority. 

The photographs presented on this website are just a small selected sample of Justin's work. His archive is extensive and many more photographs are available.  

If you want to know more and have any specific questions, just send an email to: 161@justinpartyka.com 


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