About: Statement


I am interested in traditional and vernacular worlds. These are places that are deeply rooted in their geography and culture, and where the intricate narratives and know-how of the past continue to have an influence in the present. From the agrarian farms of East Anglia, to the carnivalesque streets of Cádiz, and from the wind-swept plains of Saskatchewan, to the forgotten small-towns of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, I set out in search of visual clues that allow me to reveal these worlds in a personal and poetic way.  

These analogue 35mm colour film photographs intersect the spheres of fine-art and documentary. Typically, they show details of the everyday – objects and scenes that may at first appear insignificant. But through the experience of prolonged looking and contemplation the insignificant has the potential to be transformed into the significant. I am inspired to photograph these traditional and vernacular worlds because I see their vulnerability to the defining forces of our times. But I can sometimes also see their resistance. Ultimately, with these photographs I am exploring the intimate relationships we can have with the places we inhabit; how we make these places and in turn how these places make us.  

Justin Partyka