Justin Partyka Photography

Crypto Art Photography

The mysterious cyber world of crypto art and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the antithesis to Justin Partyka's long and dedicated commitment to working as an analogue photographer using 35mm film. In fact Justin beleives that photographs shouldn't even really be looked at on screens.  

BUT within Justin's archive there is a unique collection of digital work that was made on an iphone4s in 2014. These images are vastly different to the work Justin is known for and explore the specific abilities of the iphone as an image making device, essentially how it allows the user to take camera-less photography - a tradition that includes the processes cyanotype and photogram - into the digital age.  

Justin sees the images on the iphone screen as its own self-contained landscape (or world), and he considers the device’s greatest asset is its ability to make a perfect duplicate of that landscape and with equal ease manipulate, distort, shift, twist, copy and change that landscape in whichever ways the user’s mind is open enough to grasp. But Justin is anything but a digital artist, and he naturally applies analogue ideas, techniques and aesthetics in an original way to make this work on a digital device. 

Over the past few years Justin has now and again considered what could be done with these iphone works, if anything. But perhaps the rise of the NFT and crypto art offers a possible solution, albeit one with very unpredictable outcomes! In the Spring of 2021 Justin will begin offering work from this collection of iphone images as crypto art photographs connected to minted NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, under the name justinpartykaphotos. Each photograph will be offered in unique editions of 1/1.  

This work has never been seen before and has never appeared online. Justin will share some of the work on Instagram @justinpartykaphotos - this was his original account which he deleted soon after he made these works. For a number of years Instagram refused to allow the user name to be used again, but just by chance in March 2021 Justin tried to restart this user name and it was successful.  

Serious crypto collectors are now invited to contact Justin for more details about this work. Further information and a pdf portfolio are available.  

Send an email to justinpartykaphotos@gmail.com or send a DM on Instagram.