The Poetic Image: Photo Experiences of Poitiers


Atelier galerie 161 photo experiences of Poitiers will take you on an adventure into the city with your camera. Over a period of twenty years Justin Partyka has developed a trust in the process of photographing intuitively: being guided by instinct and a belief that each photograph will lead to the next one. To photograph this way is very much a journey of discovery and an embrace of serendipity.  

On each photo experience Justin will take you on a walk in search of the poetic image : photographs which capture the intricate qualities of the world around us; the decisive moments and rhythms of the streets; the assemblage and juxtaposition of architecture, objects and the mark of the human hand; and the interplay between light, colour and form. As you go Justin will offer advice and guidance, and suggest mini exercises to help you develop your skills and way of seeing as a photographer. There is no guarantee you will make a masterpiece; it is the process of trying to that is important.  

Each photo experience will be different and shaped by the photography opportunities that are encountered along the way. 161 photo experiences reject the use of cropping, Photoshop and filters to try and improve photographs. You either get the photograph in the camera, or you don’t!  

The photo experiences will last about three hours and there will be a break for a drink which is included. There will a maximum of just four participants so you can be assured of as much tuition and opportunities for questions as required.  

Requirements: a digital or film camera, or a smartphone. An open mind. A comfortable pair of shoes.  

161 photo experiences are currently offered three afternoons per week : Tuesday 14.00 – 17.00, Thursday 14.00 – 17.00, Saturday 14.00 – 17.00 

Experiences leave from atelier galerie 161, Grand’Rue, 86000, Poitiers 

Tuition is in basic French and English – but the visual language of photography is universal!  

Price: Students 33 € / All others 45 € 

To book a place go to the page @161poitiers on Facebook or send an email to 

A special bonus free offer: 

Participants who book ten experiences will be invited to participate in two intensive workshop sessions.  

These will take place on Sunday afternoons and will focus on practice and theory, including editing and presenting your work, developing projects, and directed exercises to help you develop specific aspects of your photography. Justin will share insights into his own work and some of his favourite books in the library at atelier galerie 161.