161 Photo Experiences and Mentoring: The French Experience


Along with photography you will also be immersed in the history, culture and traditions of French life in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. 161 Photo Experiences are based in the hilltop city of Poitiers which offers endless subjects to photograph, but is also small and intimate enough that it is easy to explore on foot. You will be photographing daily life in the city, taking in the ancient and the modern: the streets and alleys, the squares, parks, shoppings districts and markets. The architecture of Poitiers is a particular highlight including three spectacular churches and a cathedral. The French experience will of course include food and wine (if desired). We will meet each morning in a cafe/bar for coffee, with croissants from one of the boulangeries. We will eat typical French meals in the cafes, bistros and restaurants, and spend an evening in a wine cave dedicated to organic small production wines.  

All of this will provide inspiring photography opportunities and cultural and gastronomic experiences.  

161 Photo Experiences which include day trips to other towns or cities to photograph will take advantage of Poitiers' excellent railway links and all travel will be by train.  

You journey to Poitiers is possible via train or plane, or of course by car if you prefer. From the UK you can travel by Eurostar to Lille or Paris and take a TGV train to Poitiers. Trains and buses from other parts of France and the rest of Europe also offer direct and connected routes to Poitiers via Paris, Limoges and Bordeaux amongst other places.  

If you prefer to travel by plane, from the UK Ryanair currently flies to Poitiers from Standsted 2-3 times per week and also from Manchester. If flying from elsewhere to Paris or Bordeaux you are advised to continue your journey to Poitiers by train.  

The centre of Poitiers offers a selection of hotels and there are also a number of Airbnb rentals available in the city.  

Advice on your travel arrangements and accommodation in Poitiers is available if required. Just ask.