161 Photo Experiences and Mentoring: Mentoring Sessions - 2021

Having cancelled the 161 Photo Experiences due to the Coronavirus pandemic, these photography mentoring sessions are being offered as an alternative.  

I am providing two different mentoring opportunities.  

1. Online sessions. These are open to everyone and will be shaped around a photographer's specific needs. This mentoring will be provided in one hour sessions, during which I will discuss your work with you and offer guidance on taking your work forward. There are many options for these sessions, but they could be portfolio or past project reviews, or they could focus on new work and function to help you begin a new project and work on it over a period of time. Or perhaps you are a photography student and feeling currently frustrated by the limited time provided by your tutors, I will offer additional support as you try to make work for your degree during this difficult time. The sessions will not only provide feedback on your work, but offer suggestions for photography to look at and perhaps other art, literature and music you should be aware of. These sessions will take place over a mutually agreed time period.  

For these sessions the price is 15 euros per hourly session. If you reserve and pay for 10 sessions, there is a discount of 10% and the price is 135 euros.  

Please contact Justin at 161@justinpartyka.com if you are interested in these online mentoring sessions.  

2. In person sessions. Due to the Coronavirus these sessions are being offered in a very limited way. They will take place for individuals only and health restrictions will be closely followed including social distancing and masks. These sessions will consists of photographing on the streets of Poitiers and review sessions as required. These sessions will also be tailored to the participant's needs and anything is possible. You may just want one or two sessions or to create a regularly weekly or monthly programme. The price for these sessions will depend on what the sessions consist of and will start at around 30 euros per hour.  

Due to the current situation with the virus these sessions are being provided upon an application basis. So please get in touch and express your interest at 161@justinpartyka.com