161 Photo Experiences and Mentoring: 161 Photo Experiences - UPDATE March 2021


The Covid-19 pandemic has essentially put the 161 Photo Experiences on hold for the time being. The diffculties for people to travel around and the restrictions that now come and go within our lives make it impossible to plan any kind of group activites like these photo workshops. I am also not willing to put anybody's health at risk by holding a photo workshop at this time. It is certainly not something that could easily take place in the time of social distancing. The 161 Photo Experiences are about hanging out and getting to know one another, learning from each other and developing a camaraderie. We cannot do that by keeping a metre or more away from each other and wearing masks. The increasing number of cases now appearing again in Europe at a rapid rate clearly suggest that we are anything but close to returing to normal.  

At the same time, daily life in the time of the mask has really changed the way that the streets look, and not in a good way. The spontaneous way that a photographer works on the streets is now challenged due to people wearing masks. I am not interested in photographing people wearing masks. The work then becomes something different and looses the timeless quality that I believe all good photography has.  

I will continue to assess the situation over the months ahead. Perhaps a Photo Experience can take place sometime later in 2021 in some form. At the moment I just have no idea.  

Information about the Photo Experiences for 2020 (sadly these had to be cancelled) have been left here on the website so you can see what was planned. Hopefully some similar workshops can offered again in the near future. 

In the meantime I am offering two forms of mentoring sessions for anyone that is interested. See the Mentoring section on the website below.  

If you have any questions about mentoring or future 161 Photo Experiences, please get in touch.  

Stay safe and keep photographing!  

Justin Partyka - March 2021